Over the years agricultural systems have developed massively. Mostly destructively, as a consequence of 2000 years of Roman thinking. But more recently, the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner (Biodynamics) was proven in the field and has become the definition of conscious farming and a guiding light for organics.

It certainly is important that we can track those ingredients and their journeys. Whether it be Demeter, Biodynamic, Organic, large global certifying bodies and so on, We The People, must educate ourselves if we want to decide wisely where our monetary vote should go. From growers who don't need to certify because they are so sought after and far ahead of the curve it is pointless to do so, to factory certification v's product certification it's a complex picture with hopefully, a simple outcome that we as consumers can choose to understand and have a relationship with -  Clean food & a healthy planet.