Every aspect counts toward the end goal and product. All the way from soil vitality to importing our own spices. We are serious about keeping it real and honest. Honest to goodness.

What are the Ingredients of a successful business? Having a healthy planet left to run a business on seems like a good start. Better than living on Mars kinda good.

What is the definition of success? For us it starts with gratitude for what we have, and trust that our part is enough for us to steward.

Why did the 'nutrional information panel' change it's name to 'nutrition facts' ?.  Why does this panel address nutrition as being just protein, fat and carbohydrate numbers? Surely Shirley, they cant be saying that all proteins, fats and carbohydrates are the same, and all equally nutritious? Wouldn't that be convenient ! ;)

How can we change the world , for goodness sake.