Cold Chai


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Making cold chai is very easy.


*Milk/liquid of choice 

*Chai mix or Tea extract of choice

  1. Measure out your extract and your milk (using 3 Teaspoons-ish (15ml or grams) of extract and 225 ml of milk, depending on how strong you like it).                                                           
  2. We are using 15 ml average to 225 ml of milk.
  3. Pour your mix into a clean dry container or straight into the milk container..
  4. Add liquid to extract.                 
  5. Stir or shake well. Sweeten to taste now or later.
  6. Let your mix sit in the refrigerator for ideally no less than 12 hours. It can keep for as long as your milk stays fresh.
  7. Drink it … however you like it.
  8. You could even re-heat this after infusion.

Note: if you want a ‘cleaner’ brew you can remove more sediment by pouring the brew through a secondary filter e.g. Sieve, cloth or filter paper. .. I myself would not strain it ;).

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