In some countries (Mexico and India in my personal experience), if you bargain too aggressively and insensitively you will suddenly find that the price is no longer going down, but instead is going up. With every wrong word or deed after this point the price only continues to climb, in direct proportion to the level of offence given. At this point the buyer must either pay the price stated by the seller  or apologize (if you ever want that gorgeous item again another day) and leave graciously. 

Trading is an energetic exchange that could be defined as 2 way hospitality.

Fair-trade involves people in the middle (traders). This was great idea but at times somewhat limited.

Grower direct sourcing, education and value-add upskilling, and grower Co-Operative relationships is a concept developed by the guy who developed the 'fair-trade' concept - Frederick Schillling. He saw how quickly his concept was being manipulted to give the traders a better outcome than the producers and growers. Grower Direct systems are generally more holistic and community minded. All the people of the village or area are part of the planning and mentoring, and share directly in the profits.

This is certainly how trade was & is conducted if a buyer wanted superior organic product. If growers produce amazing product they generally know it and they do not need to go through a trader to sell. Producers who care seek them out and pay premium prices. As is the case with our Demeter certified cacao from Pacari chocolate in Ecuador.