CHAIGUY RAW Orange 73% Chocolate 80gm


Chaiguy 73% Orange chocolate is a delicious healthy dark chocolate. Indonesian stoneground raw cacao beans and evaporated coconut nectar come together to provide you with a rich, fruity, densely flavoured chocolate with delicious notes of berries, apricots, dried fruit, cinnamon, clove ,
caramel.. & ORANGE


All certified organic- stoneground raw cacao beans, fair trade certified evaporated coconut flower
blossom nectar (coconut sugar) , cold pressed orange oil.

  • Raw , organic, & handmade
  • Vegan, gmo-free
  • No dairy, no soy, gluten free & no refined sugar
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No lecithin, soy, ,chemically extracted ingredients , cane sugar or supposedly ‘raw’ sugar .

Truly raw cacao that has never been heated above 115F / 46C

Nutrient-rich in minerals and fiber


Big Tree Farms raw cacao and evaporated coconut nectar provides natural energy and mood
balancing. Raw cacao is one of the most phytochemically diverse superfoods and a far more
powerful source of nutrients than roasted chocolate. Big Tree Farms operate a unique process, from
the farmer networks they create and manage to the gentle steps of transforming the ingredients.
We have worked with Big Tree farms and their communities to provide you with an honest chocolate
that has a taste and texture that you will remember. Stoneground chocolate is easier to digest & preserves the flavanols
and antioxidants in the beans which keeps more of the good stuff intact – for you to taste , and enjoy.