AMMA 100% Brazil 80g


The 100% Amma chocolate is a total experience in chocolate, it has intense flavor, citrus and no trace of bitterness.

In Brazil, Amma Chocolate is the first to develop a chocolate made with only organic cocoa beans, with no added sugar or butter.


100% Brazil Cacao Beans

  • Gmo free, organic, vegan
  • Contains no sugar
  • Chocolate suitable for diabetics
  • Does not contain butter: has low caloric value of chocolates;

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Made from 100% roasted cocoa beans and nothing else (which means NO sugar), from a rare variety of Pará-Parazinho bean native to the Bahia rainforest in Brazil , this chocolate has a creamy texture ( a result of the natural cacao butter in the fruit ) and an intense dark cocoa flavour that goes beautifully with dried fruit or grated on SWEET OR SAVORY  food as a garnish… ( think Mexico ,think chilli.. )

The benefits of 100% organic chocolate:

Contains no sugar.

Contains the properties of  ‘Cacau’ , not a mis-spelling but a superfood that improves the sensation of well being, besides presenting powerful antioxidant action , which combats free radicals, preventing the premature aging and the emergence of some diseases;
In addition, 100% Organic Chocolate from Amma Chocolate is made with organic ingredients , meaning that they do not use pesticides or other substances that can be harmful to health and the environment.