Which is not really ‘classic’ the way I have given  you sooo many options but hey .. “pierce the verbage and extricate the  classic”

*Put milk/water on to boil ( note – see ‘tricky bit’ below)

*Add  sweetener now if desired                                                                                                                                 ( or wait till the end .. I like ‘now’  ).

*Add spices now ..  or at the end  in the cup.                                                                                                 ( yours or ours – either our SPICE  ONLY concentrate  or one of OUR CHAIS ), or add them after you have strained the tea (it is very much a  personal preference).

*When the liquid boils,  add:                                                                                                                       ( ‘TRICKY BIT’ ahead )                   

*your own tea leaves, 

*some milk if you used only water initially,

*and/or maybe now ( but better in the cup ) our TEA ONLY concentrate.

*Simmer  a bit (for up to 1 minute-ish).   

*Strain and pour in to a cup or bowl  ( which may also contain  our SPICES ONLY concentrate ( so the spices don’t get strained out with  the tea  ), and/or our TEA ONLY concentrate.

Contemplate sweetening … keep contemplating, that is a hot liquid.